For me, the hardest part of eating healthy has always been finding healthy ways to snack. At work, we have a snack bin full of Oreos, Dirty Chips, Nutrigrain Bars, 100 Cal Snack Packs, etc. If I don't bring healthy snacks to work, I am at risk of succumbing to that tempting little bastardly bin. 

It's hard to keep it fresh though. I get bored of fruits and nuts all the time; I want something new and exciting. While my brother and I were growing up, we would always say we wanted something "new and exciting" when my mom asked us what we wanted to eat. Now that I have to feed myself, I am just like fuck "new and exciting." Some days I consider myself lucky if I manage to get scrambled eggs on the table.

Kale chips aren't exactly new to the scene, but they are most definitely exciting. The crispiness slash slightly bitter taste to them is what creates the excitement. Don't you think? And another plus is that they are super easy to make.