My last brunch in NYC was at The Fat Radish in the LES with Kriti. I love brunch, but I usually love the concept of brunch more than I love the food at brunch. I usually leave brunch feeling unsatisfied after paying $14 for a sad omelet when I could have made a much better one at home. 

The Fat Radish was the opposite of a sad omelet. The food and the flavors were phenomenal, and the dishes were innovative. I got a cloth bound cheddar and potato cake with market cabbage, bacon, and a poached egg. Actually, the thing that annoys me the most about brunch is that it's always the same dishes on every menu: huevos rancheros, three egg omelet with goat cheese, eggs benedict, blah, blah blah. ATTENTION PEOPLE: goat cheese does not automatically win you points; you have to try a little. The Fat Radish tried a lot, and totally won points in my book.

The Fat Radish is based on a sustainable farm-to-table ethos and lists all of their purveyors on their website. I love when restaurants are transparent like that!


11/28/2012 11:02am

I'm famous!

<3 you, this blog is great. Keep posting, and ever-increasing facts on what I should / should not be eating and why would be highly appreciated.


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