I've never really believed the weather channel when they say that "a storm's a comin'." In past experiences, it's never been more than a little rain or a few snowflakes. But today, I was literally blown to work. I tried walking, but it was no use since the wind picked me up and carried me there. I guess it doesn't help that I also weigh the same as a twig.

Since I am in Boston, we're not really getting the brunt of the storm (unlike my family and friends in Philly and NYC), but we still got to leave work early! So during my afternoon off, I thought I would take advantage of the storm slowing everything down and post about some sustainable restaurants that I went to during #funemployment (those were the good old days).

Square 1682
17th and Sansom, Philadelphia

My parents took me to Square 1682 in Philly before I left for Argentina. They had been raving about it for weeks and they rarely get that excited about a restaurant, so I knew it was going to be pretty good. I had to agree, the food was truly fantastic. It was also restaurant week, so we did it on the cheap. My mom got a butternut squash soup that was heavenly, and my lamb short ribs were seriously to.die.for. 

Square 1682 is Philadelphia's first LEED-certified green eatery and bar. Chef Guillermo Tellez has a strong commitment to sourcing local, organic, and sustainable ingredients for many of his recipes. He also alters the menu frequently to feature the most seasonal ingredients. The restaurant also uses Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program to source their fish. 


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