Two weeks ago, I received my first delivery from Boston Organics. When I came home and saw my box in the living room, my roommate actually said "I have never seen anyone this excited about produce before." Yes, I am a self-proclaimed dork. 
What is Boston Organics? It's a organic produce delivery service that sources from local New England farms when possible. You basically go online, sign up, fill out a "no-list" of items that you never want to receive, and then they send you a box weekly or biweekly of seasonal produce with some non-seasonal stuff mixed in. Their produce was so fresh. I had a bunch of lettuce that stayed fresh in my fridge for 2.5 weeks! Usually, lettuce that I buy from Whole Foods starts to wilt after about a week - and that's if I am lucky. Also having your groceries delivered to you is super convenient. For those of you in the Boston area, I would definitely recommend trying them out.

The first thing that I made with my produce was a Garlic Basil Mashed Sweet Potato Dish. It was beyond good. Since my oven didn't work, I had to boil the potatoes before mashing them, but you could just as easily roast them first.

This weekend Rachel and I made a feast to honor our last weekend together in the apartment. We made two of our favorite go-to sides: Curried Cauliflower and Japanese-style Cabbage Salad. We also made a main dish with fish since Rachel is Kosher and I like to know the source of my meat. It usually takes a situation like that for me to cook fish. When I first started the paleo diet, I tried really hard to get into fish, but I just can't. Fish is just overwhelmingly fishy sometimes.

The Japanese-style Cabbage Salad is super easy to make. It doesn't even require any cooking. You just mix some ingredients together and throw in some pre-cut cabbage, and you are good to go! The Curried Cauliflower is delicious and super easy to make, but you have to give the cauliflower sometime to cook down. The Israeli BBQ fish had a very strong tamarind flavor to me. I've never cooked with tamarind before, and it's a very unique flavor.

I wanted to have a very New York Weekend this Labor Day weekend, and everyone knows you can't have a New York Weekend without doing brunch. Ishita, my partner in crime and amazing food blogger, suggested Tom Colicchio's Riverpark for brunch. Riverpark is known for it's farm right next to the restaurant and views along the east river. This was perfect since I signed up for the 2012 Locavore Challenge. What could be more local than a restaurant that sources from a garden in it's own concrete backyard? We had an amazing watermelon dusted with merken to start that was picked from their farm. Unfortunately, they would not disclose the purveyor of their meat. I hate when restaurants do that. I just kind of want to be like, "why are you being so shady?"