You know how some days you are just jonesing for some Mexican food (if you say no, we are no longer friends). But Mexican food usually has a lot of beans, cheese, and rice - all of which are super yummy, but also super faileo. So I went over to Everyday Paleo, one of my favorite paleo blogs and found this fantastic mexican meatball recipe.

The balls came out a little dry. (Don't you dare 'that's what she said' that. That's just nast.) I think next time I will be a bit more heavy with the sauce when cooking them or add an egg, but it still tasted fantastic nonetheless.

I got the ground beef from Grazin' Angus Acres at the Union Square Farmers Market. Their cattle is grass-fed and finished, and they are Animal Welfare Approved.  

Let's kick things off with a breakfast dish. For my first post, I thought I would cook something easy enough (that I couldn't mess it up even if I tried), but still delicious enough to make it look like I tried.

Chorizo is one of my favorite sausages because it has such spicy bold flavors. I got this chorizo from Flying Pigs Farm, and I have to say they make some of the finest chorizo around town. They also have some great farming practices that make them even better.

I also love kale. It just has such an earthy flavor to it, and there are so many different kinds! I didn't follow a recipe for this one, so feel free to amend it as you see fit. You can add other veggies (like tomatoes) or even some cheese.