For some reason or another, I make a trip to CA every six months. Usually by the end of the trip, I appreciate the west coast for what it is and am ready to come back home. But this time, I just didn't want to part ways. I don't know if it was because I was so sick of Boston's cold weather or because I no longer craved the frenetic culture of the east coast or because everyone there seemed to have the whole illusive work-life balance thing figured out (or if not figured out, they weren't too worried about figuring it out). Maybe I romanticize the west coast too much in my head, but one thing I would definitely appreciate if I moved there is their commitment to organic/sustainable/farm to table/"whatever you want to call it" eating.
While I was there Milan took me to AQ in SF. It was the first "just the two of us" date we've been on in years, literally. The restaurant not only changes its menu to source locally and seasonally, but it also changes its decor every season. It was beautiful, and a perfect place for us to catch up with a bottle of wine. Milan ordered a cheese plate to start, and the honey that came with it was divine. We forgot to ask where it came from (probably a result of the wine), but it definitely was something to write home about. I ordered the short rib, and it literally melted in my mouth. If you are in SF and looking for a nice meal (although a bit pricey), I would definitely recommend it.
Later during the trip, I went to go visit my brother in LA. While he was taking a midterm, my parents and I went to Santa Monica to kill some time. (Side note: if I moved to LA, all I would do is kill time. I don't know how anyone is productive in a city with such beautiful weather). My dad asked me to pick the restaurant, and I think his exact words were "don't take me to any of that vegan natural foods shit again." So naturally, the restaurant that I took them to was called True Food Kitchen, which is based off of Dr. Andrew Weil's anit-inflammatory diet. Their ethos is that food should be both nutritious and tasty. My parents even liked the food, so it really couldn't have just been one of those bland "vegan natural foods" places. It was the perfect place for an outdoor lunch before going to the pier.

California is chock-full of places like AQ and True Foods Kitchen. I would love it if the east coast adopted even half of their food culture. Maybe it will happen slowly, but surely? I don't know. A girl can hope, I guess.


05/30/2013 6:47pm

Do you think the restaurant in LA are better than NYC (aside from the organic shit your dad references)?

05/31/2013 1:31am

I don't know if I would make the generalization that all restaurants are better, but I do think that the food on the west coast is just so much more fresh with all of the farms and produce being so close to them.

05/30/2013 7:29pm

Um, I make Mel take me to True Food Kitchen every time I visit her. I love that place!

05/31/2013 1:32am

OMG we are definitely going there after you move and we come to visit.


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